Origo Education

Origo Education is a small company providing learning solutions for students in Australia and the US.

Cypress worked with their team to audit Sales & Marketing systems inherited by their US Sales & Marketing team.

The Cypress Team assisted Origo with a system Audit, confirming they were implementing best practices and taking advantage of all the newest features available on their platform. Throughout our audit process, we worked with the team to develop new Pardot Landing Page templates, implement Connected Campaigns, and used a combination of Zapier + Form Handlers to extend Pardot’s capabilities to capture shopping cart abandonment for retargeted marketing.

Additionally, we provided weekly training sessions with Sales & Marketing system admins to become more effective with the platform, and streamline processes with custom fields, lightning page layout configurations and Engagement Programs.

By working together, the Origo team were able to strengthen their knowledge, ability and confidence with their Marketing Automation Platform, as well as establish better alignment between their US and Australian teams.